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What is an escape room?

It's interactive entertainment. Up to eight people enter a themed room with a story. For instance, you might be detectives trying to figure out a crime. All of the clues are found somewhere in the room. It might be that you find a key in a drawer which opens a lockbox which contains the next clue. You have an hour to solve the mystery completely, which usually also involves escaping the room.

Who's in the room?

Whoever buys the tickets. It could be one large group of you and your friends, or two or more smaller groups of friends-to-be. One person could even buy up all the slots and go by themself. Contact us for information on scheduling private or corporate events. Children 10 and up may get tickets if accompanied by adults.

How do I prepare?

Come fifteen minutes before your scheduled time. Plan to be here for an hour and a half. That's it. And since this is a live event that depends on people booking ahead of time, TICKETS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE BUT AVAILABLE TO RESCHEDULE. Call ahead for walk-ins. Click here to see available dates and times.

What makes Time Trap Different?

No twelve-person rooms! It's been our experience that packing a bunch of people into a room is good for business but not for fun. Our rooms are for six to eight players, which increases comraderie and player involvement. Also, we're locals with a passion, not a franchise. We make the kind of rooms that we'd personally like to play, and we keep our prices lower than the national average for escape rooms. Plus we have air conditioning!

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